Pumpkin Ridge Zip Tour

Pre-Zip Checklist



Here are a few suggestions for prepping for your Zip Tour. If you have any questions, you're welcome to visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or give our office a call at 971.371.3895.


1. Reserve Your Spot


All tours require reservations and we cannot accommodate walk-ups. Be sure to plan ahead of time with your group so you can save enough spots for everyone. Payment is required at the time of your booking so we suggest double-checking with your party that they're in! You can make reservations online or by phone during office hours.


2. Bring Warm Clothes

Pumpkin Ridge Zip Tour sits alongside Brunswick Canyon which, along with gorgeous views, adds some wind chill to some areas of the tour. We suggest bringing extra layers just in case it's colder than you thought. It's safe to assume that temperatures are about 10 degrees cooler than in Hillsboro or Portland. You will be outside for about three hours so dress in a way that will keep you warm and comfy!


3. Wear Sturdy Shoes


We ask that you wear closed-toed shoes, but anything that has a heel-strap, like Chacos or Tevas, is acceptable as well. Although - since we do live in the Pacific Northwest - we suggest you wear shoes that are both sturdy and warm. Throw an extra pair of socks on too! 


4. Sign Digital Waiver

Click the link in your confirmation email to sign your waiver online. Make sure to forward the link to your friends who will be zipping as well. Also, if you're bringing a party of little ones, be sure to share with parents/guardians ahead of time so they have time to read and sign them.


5. Bring a Camera & Water Bottle


We will provide all gear, harnesses and equipment that you'll need for the tour. But if you'd like to bring a camera, a water bottle and some snacks - please do! We do ask that if you decide to bring any of these, to make sure you can attach them to yourself by either a strap or in a small backpack. We'll be zipping at heights of over 100 feet so anything that drops will most likely not be found anytime soon.


6. Arrive 15 Minutes Before Your Tour

We ask that you arrive AT LEAST 15 minutes before the start time of your scheduled tour. The tour group will be starting directly at the start time and if you are even five minutes late, you could miss important guidelines or the harnessing-up time. Please plan for traffic (this is Portland after all) and give yourself extra cushion time. 


7. Get Excited!


We're honored that you chose to trust Pumpkin Ridge Zip Tour to provide you with this experience. Whether it's your first time zip lining or you're a seasoned daredevil - we're excited to be a part of your day. If there's anything we can do to make your tour more comfortable (or more extreme), don't hesitate to let your guides know.

We'll see you out there!